Emerging Stories is an online series from Free Press Unlimited and Pakhuis de Zwijger. In this series we dive into the field with international journalists, photographers, filmmakers and scholars to speak about their emerging stories and the importance of journalism. The first season focused on journalism in times of isolation. The second season revolved around the future of journalism. You can (re)watch all the episodes right here.

Series 2: The future of journalism

At a time when the worlds attention is focused on the bleak economic forecasts and the health and climate crisis, independent journalists play a a vital part in delivering reliable information to the public. While doing so they double or triple their audiences. However, the outlook for survival of independent media is grim. Many media outlets worldwide are on the brink of bankruptcy due to the economic crisis, but also because of failure of traditional business models.

If we want to ensure the survival of independent journalism, we need to act now! We need to search for new moneymakers, captivating ideas, new solutions, and a positive vibe and energy. 

Emerging Stories #20: Journalism reaching a younger audience

How do adolescents keep being informed? 

Emerging Stories #19: Journalism and Safety

How do we keep journalists safe?

Emerging Stories #18: LGBTQ+ & Journalism

Is journalism still too heteronormative? Join the LIVECAST every Wednesday at 6.30 PM CET!

Emerging Stories #17: From offline to online: Web First

How do journalists build online communities?

Emerging Stories #16: (Fake) news and public opinion

How does (fake) news influence public opinion?

Emerging Stories #15: Robot-journalism 

Could Artificial Intelligence replace reporters?

Emerging Stories #14: Who pays for the news? 

What are the future business models of journalism?

Emerging Stories #13: Women in media

How to work towards a more inclusive media-landscape?

Series 1: Journalism in times of isolation

The measures against journalists and media professionals during COVID-19 affect our day-to-day interaction and have consequences for the way we consume international stories, news and images. Journalists and media professionals around the world are being restricted because of the pandemic. Every week on Wednesdays, photographer Kadir van Lohuizen invites (inter)national to discuss the challenges of media in times of COVID-19. They will give an insight in their work, their own communities and surroundings.

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