Free Press Unlimited believes that everyone has the right to reliable information. Information that enables you, as a person, to take control of your own life. It is extremely important that this information is independent and that you get it on time.

Access to information, independent media and freedom of expression are crucial to citizens and social organisations that want to combat poverty and inequality in their society. Conversely, media need these organisations, so they know what is going on. By reporting independently on them, and making public debate possible, media can contribute to positive change in their society.

Our goal(s)

Free Press Unlimited supports journalists and media professionals with trainings, emergency support and capacity building in more than 40 countries.

Our main goal is: a diverse, professional information landscape consisting of independent media and journalists that drive (social) change in their society.

Firmly focused on this main goal, we have carefully thought about the best ways to achieve this. We believe that the following 'intermediate goals' are crucial to ensuring local media can fulfil their important social role. These are:

  1. An environment that allows journalists to do their work and that promotes freedom of expression.
    To achieve this, we are committed to achieve good legislation and end impunity that perpetuates crimes against journalists. In the countries in which we work, professional media representatives play a key role. That is why Free Press Unlimited invests in targeted training for these groups. Professional media representatives keep track of how often and where press freedom is compromised and stand up against specific cases of press freedom violation.
  2. Media and journalists serve the interests of the population, are the voice of citizens and act as their watchdog.
    Media must reflect their society. That is why we help them increase the diversity in their own organisations and in their publications, particularly when it comes to women. We also support social organisations that raise people’s media-awareness and help them sift through the overwhelming amount of information. Furthermore, we also support independent media who bring corruption and abuse of power to light and are the watchdog for disadvantaged groups. Thanks to research and the revelations of the media, citizens hold their own governments accountable. In this way, media and citizens increase the democratic content of their society together.
  3. Journalists and media are professional, effective and confident of their continued existence
    Free Press Unlimited insists on the importance of professionalism for media and journalists. They must comply with internationally recognised standards and ethical codes, to earn and keep the trust of their audience. Knowledge of modern technology is also essential in a world where mobile phones and social media play a major role. Journalists need to know how they can work safely (digitally), so they can properly fulfil their watchdog role. Free Press Unlimited supports partners worldwide to work professionally and (therefore) safely. And to make them financially independent, so that their continued existence – and therefore a diverse media landscape – is also guaranteed in the long term.