Gender in the media

Female community radio journalist in Bangladesh

Gender in the media

Gender equality in and through the media is essential in achieving our goal: journalists function as change agents and contribute to a diverse and professional media landscape.

Our work on gender equality

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International Campaign: Media4Women

Gender Equality Champion -  Sarah Macharia


Gender Equality Champion: Sarah Macharia

Sarah Macharia is the global coordinator of the Global Media Monitoring Project. "Once you look at the data, your mind is re-tuned."

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Gender Equality Champion -  Irene de Bel


Gender Equality Champion: Irene de Bel

Irene de Bel is editor-in-chief of, the news site with a female perspective. “We want to provide a platform for women's expertise.”

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Gender Equality Champions -  Mildred Roethof & Rahel de Vriend


Gender Equality Champions: Rahel de Vriend and Mildred Roethof

Rahel de Vriend and Mildred Roethof campaigned for their aspiring broadcasting service, Omroep EVNS: the first broadcaster for and by women.

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“Monitoring the content of media on gender representation and portrayal is a crucial first step to address the visibility of all women in media and gender equality in society.”

Larissa Buschmann, programme coordinator Gender & Media

Gender in the media projects

  • Online safety for female journalists in Pakistan

  • Congolese women UCOFEM

    Improving the representation of Congolese women in the media

  • Female journalists make a stand for neglected groups in Indonesia

"It's important that we analyse why women are less represented in decision making positions and come up with interventions to create equal opportunities for women."

Leon Willems, director of Free Press Unlimited