Media are powerful actors in shaping, producing and changing societal norms and beliefs. Media show the realities of the society, but at the same time construct this reality by continuously enforcing the existing differences between women and men.

In many countries, both men and women are subjected to stereotyping. Women are portrayed as housewives, victims or models. Men are typically characterised as powerful and dominant with little room for alternative ideas of masculinity. Furthermore, women are often less visible in the news and their stories remain untold, only one in five experts interviewed in news media are women. As soon as journalists are looking for an expert opinion, women literally drop out of the picture. 

Together with our partners, Free Press Unlimited works on a fair gender portrayal in and through the media. For example by:

  • Monitoring portrayal of women by media and the state of gender equality in their organisation
  • Set up radio soap where taboo topics such as child marriage can be discussed