As a part of the campaign ‘Together for Reliable Information’ our partner (media) organisations are producing videos in which they highlight journalism in times of COVID-19 in their country.

Campaign video

Access to reliable information is crucial. We rely on journalists to keep us informed on COVID-19. In some countries, reliable information is hard to get. Journalists get intimidated or pressured. Despite the pressure, the partners of Free Press Unlimited continue to report the news. Journalists continue to provide the public with reliable information. Thank you to all the brave journalists in our network and beyond. We are in this together. We all have a responsibility to get and share reliable information. Together for reliable information.

Journalism in Bangladesh

Despite the challenges in Bangladesh, our partner BNNRC works hard to provide their public with reliable information.

Media in Pakistan

In this video, our partner TCM in Pakistan talks about the challenges their journalists are facing due to COVID-19.

Media and journalism in Malí

How our partner (media) organisation Tuwindi in Malí is supporting journalists and batteling disinformation on COVID-19.

Reliable information in Venezuela

Our partner Redes Ayuda offers emergency and legal assistance to these journalists, and is taking action to help reporters protect themselves from infection.