As a part of the campaign ‘Together for reliable information’ we are producing a series of podcasts to highlight the inspiring initiatives from our partners all over the world to keep bringing reliable information to the public. In every podcast one of our programme coordinators will talk about the latest news from our partners on the frontline. 

Episode #9: Journalism during COVID-19 - South-East Asia

7 July 2020: In this podcast we speak with Paco Mens, Project Officer for South-East Asia at Free Press Unlimited. He talks about the arrests journalists face in Bangladesh due to the Digital Security Act, and the large scale operation of distributing protection kits to 1.500 journalists across Indonesia. 


Episode #8: Journalism during COVID-19 - Somalia and Ethiopia.

16 June 2020: In this podcast we speak with Davide Soto Naranjo, our programme coordinator of Somalia and Ethiopia. He talks about how these two neighbouring, but very different countries respond to the COVID-19 crisis and how it affects the media. 


Episode #7: Journalism during COVID-19 - Gender in the media.

4 June 2020: In this podcast we speak with Larissa Buschmann, our programme coordinator Gender & Media, about how the COVID-19 crisis impacts women the most, and how media can play a role in improving gender equality in and through the media.


Episode #6: Journalism during COVID-19 - MENA region.

4 June 2020: In this podcast we speak with Bart, our programme coordinator of the MENA region. He talks about the current situation in countries like Lebanon and Iraq, and how our partner KirkukNow is succesfully reporting from Iraq's disputed areas.


Episode #5: Journalism during COVID-19 - South Sudan.

26 May 2020: In this podcast we speak with Marnix de Witte, our programme coordinator of South Sudan. He talks about the difficulties around providing information in this conflicted country, where COVID-19 is just another crisis, and how our partner radio Tamazuj continues to report from exile.


Episode #4: Journalism during COVID-19 - Mali.

14 May 2020: In this podcast we speak with Jens Kiesheyer, programme coordinator Africa. He talks about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on Mali, the country with the youngest population in the world, and how our partners come up with solutions to navigate through the flood of fake news.


Episode #3: Journalism during COVID-19 - Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

12 May 2020: In this podcast we speak with Natalia Pirtac, our project officer of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. She shines a light on how the COVID-19 outbreak is dealt with in countries like Russia, Moldova and Tajikistan, and what challenges media there face while working to bring reliable information.


Episode #2: Journalism during COVID-19 - My #QuarantineLife.

30 April 2020: In this podcast we speak with Jan-Willem Bult, head of Youth and Media at Free Press Unlimited, about the initiative 'My #QuarantineLife', that invites youth to share their stories of life in quarantine.


Episode #1: Journalism during COVID-19 - Central America.

30 April 2020: In this podcast we speak with Mira Chowdhury, our programme coordinator of Central America. She talks about the enormous economic hit countries in Central America face, how Nicaragua is still in denial, and how journalists show great resilience during this crisis.